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Venture Capital Funding for Brain-Computer Interfaces outstrips DARPA dollars

Posted on May, 2024

A group of 5 implantable brain computer interface (BCI) startups, including Musk’s Neuralink, are starting to pull in hundreds of millions of venture capital dollars. While Neuralink has attracted the…

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Going Long on the Vagus nerve: Startups Re-discover the Autonomic Neuromodulation Goldmine

Posted on June, 2021

Electrical stimulation of the Vagus nerve to treat chronic disease has been around for 35 years, with mixed success. Fifteen ventures, as many therapeutic areas, and billions of dollars later, a new…

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How DARPA drives Brain Machine Interface Research

Posted on November, 2020

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency invests millions in brain-computer interface projects every year, effectively driving the BCI research agenda. This post catalogs the various programs…

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Funding for Brain-Computer Interface Ventures

Posted on August, 2020

Can following the money tell us about the interface between academic research and venture-funded companies in BCI. Is there a clear boundary at all? What does the 'funding lens' reveal, about who is…

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