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Venture Capital Funding for Brain-Computer Interfaces outstrips DARPA dollars

Posted on May 09, 2024

A group of 5 implantable brain computer interface (BCI) startups, including Musk’s Neuralink, are starting to pull in hundreds of millions of venture capital dollars. While Neuralink has attracted the…

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Beyond Handwriting: Speculating on what is next for Ctrl Labs' Wristband Neural Interface

Posted on April 02, 2024

Ctrl Labs within Meta’s Reality Labs division released a paper about their incredible progress on a generalizable wristband-based generalizable neural interface. The choice of a handwriting demo task…

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One step closer to a brain-computer interface: Generative AI decodes images and speech from fMRI recordings

Posted on June 03, 2023

This post compares two new research papers that use generative AI techniques to ‘read’ images and text from human brain activity patterns. The first paper generates sentences that subjects heard in…

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Wrist-worn neural interfaces have come of age: Facebook Reality Labs and Cala Health

Posted on October 06, 2021

Neural interfaces may be mainstream before we know it, in very familiar form. Facebook's Reality Labs division is working on a consumer device that senses tiny nerve signals at the wrist to offer…

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